Intermittent Wireless Connectivity

UCSD’s main campus is currently experiencing intermittent wireless connectivity issues. You may experience:

  • An inability to connect to particular networks.
  • Random disconnections while using the network.
  • No visible networks in certain locations.

The affected networks are:

  • Eduroam
  • ResNet

These issues are currently being troubleshooted with the highest priority. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to restore stable connectivity shortly.


Marshall Apartments Buildings N-V Network Outage

We received notification that the room that houses our network equipment was flooded due to a broken water pipe. This will affect wired and wireless network access for residents in Marshall Apartments Buildings N – V.

Facilities Management has been notified, but unfortunately we have not been provided an ETA on when repairs will be resolved. We will provide updates as they come.

New Wireless Access Point Names (SSIDs) in Warren College

A new naming scheme for the wireless access points has been created in Warren College. This should resolve the wireless connectivity issues you may have been experiencing in the past few days.

If you live in Black, Brennan, Douglas, or Goldberg apartments, connect to RESNET-WARREN-WEST.

If you live in Bates, Brown, Harlen, Stewart, or Frankfurter halls, connect to RESNET-WARREN-EAST.

Any other access points you see available are not provided by ResNet, and may leave you vulnerable to possible identity theft. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!