This Thursday: Wireless Change

The certificate for our UCSD-PROTECTED wireless service expires this Friday. Unfortunately, there is no way to simply extend the expiration date, so we are forced to make a change. When we do, all iOS (iPhone & iPad) users will be prompted to accept the new certificate via a dialogue box, as will Windows and Mac users who didn’t follow the Blink instructions for wireless config. However, Android users, and Windows and Mac users who DID follow the Blink instructions (the bulk of wireless customers), should be able to continue to use wireless without interruption.

We plan to upload the new certificate Thursday, June 7 at 8:00 a.m.  You will see the dialogue box the first time you connect to wireless after the update (whether that’s Thursday or weeks from now).

As there is seems to be some concern about a security breach when folks see a request to accept a new certificate, we wanted to make sure you are aware in advance that this is expected and that you can be reassured that this dialogue box is legitimate.

To reduce the impact of future certificate renewals, later this summer, we plan to replace this UCSD-signed certificate with an InCommon certificate. This will affect all users, including Windows customers, and we will send advance notification. This will create a more convenient expiration date for campus customers. It will also make the setup process less complex for new wireless users.