Free Alternatives to Popular Software and File Sharing Information

After the winter holidays, many of you may be bringing back to campus new computers. And with that new computer, you’ll probably be installing new software. The UC San Diego Bookstore offers programs for students at educational prices that can be significantly lower than retail prices. However, with filesharing programs like uTorrent, Vuze, or Limewire, you may feel like you do not need to purchase the software you want.

Copyright agencies, organizations that oversee and regulate copyright, look for users who are file sharing, specifically on university campuses. Last school year, UC San Diego had more than 550 copyright violations for students file sharing software, games, music, movies, and more.

When a student receives a copyright violation, they are subject to possible fines and university penalties. In a recent court case, a Boston University graduate student was ordered to pay $675,000 for file sharing 31 songs.

One of the possible consequences for receiving a violation at UC San Diego is a $150 fine. Read more information about the consequences for receiving a copyright violation.

Here’s a video explaining the consequences of file sharing and the university policies.

Receiving a copyright violation is easily avoidable. Don’t risk getting caught by using file sharing software. We do our best to look for legal — and free, if possible — alternatives, and we keep it updated on our website. Did you know there are free, legal alternatives to Adobe Photoshop and Matlab?

For more information, visit our file sharing website.


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