HBO Channels

The HBO channel issue was a lot bigger than what we initially believed. TWC (Time Warner Cable) identified an issue at their central hub in La Jolla. They think they have resolved the issue. If anyone is experiencing any issues with their HBO channels please call our help desk so that we may escalate to TWC.


[RESOLVED] Problems with HBO

RESOLVED – Time Warner found the issue and resolved the problem. Please call the ACMS Help Desk at 858-534-2267 if you are still having symptoms of bad or no picture for HBO channels.

There is currently a problem preventing customers in Marshall and Muir Tioga from watching some HBO channels. Symptoms may include pixelated videos, no picture, audio only, etc. The problem has been reported to Time Warner, and is being investigated. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Wireless Network in Blake and Argo

We have been getting multiple complaints about the wireless network in Blake Hall and Argo Hall. Symptoms include limited connectivity or no connectivity  in the common room in each suite. In the next few months, Housing and Dining Services will be installing new Access Points to create a broader wireless range that will include the common rooms. For now, please use the Ethernet connection provided in each room or go to the common area of each floor, as the common areas should not be affected. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.

[RESOLVED] Brief Wireless Outage

RESOLVED – Maintenance on the wireless networks has been completed. You may need to reboot your computer to restore wireless connectivity. Please call the ACMS Help Desk at 858-534-2267 if you are still experiencing connectivity issues after you have rebooted your computer.

On October 14, 2010, maintenance will be performed on several wireless networks (listed below) causing a brief 15 minute outage. Work will start at 6 AM, and should be completed by 6:15 am. If you experience an problems after that, please call the ACMS Help Desk. Thanks for your patience as we improve the network.

Networks that will be affected:

Fall Sun Outages & Solar Interference October 2nd through October 15th

What are Sun Outages?

Each fall, cable and satellite companies experience a technical phenomenon called “sun outages”. For approximately two weeks, the sun causes solar interference to all geostationary satellite signals.

What will customers see?

The interference occurs on some channels and starts out as a sparkle in picture and may intensify to a total channel outage for up to 15 minutes per day. Once it reaches its peak, the interference will gradually decrease becoming less noticeable each day after.

How long will it continue?

Sun Outage that may affect their Video services from October 2nd through October 15th. These Sun Outages usually occur during the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm and can affect the Audio and Video portions of several channels.