Update – ResNet Outages

7:05 PM (September 20): All general problems have been resolved. If you are still having problems registering or connecting on ResNet,  please go to the ResNet support table in your college up until Tuesday (see ResNet guide for schedule).  You may contact the ACS Helpdesk at (858) 534-3227 once regular support starts on Wednesday.  Thank you for your patience while we worked on the various network issues.

3:32 PM (September 20): Most of ERC and Sixth Apartments are working now – we are still doing some spot testing with Africa, Asante and Asia. The general problem affecting the Marshall cable modem area has been resolved. If you are using a cable modem connection, and are still having problems, please try unplugging the modem and plugging it back in after 5 minutes. If you are still having problems after that, please go to the ResNet support table in your college (see ResNet guide for schedule).

6:10 AM (September 20): We are fairly sure that the problems that were preventing unregistered users in ERC and the Sixth Apartments from reaching the ResNet registration site have now been fixed. Please contact us if you are still having problems.

We are sill investigating the Marshall cable modem issue affecting those in the Marshall res halls and lowers..

5:44 PM (September 19): Marshall cable modem users may experience problems accessing off-campus websites.  Marshall switched areas should not be experiencing problems.  The issue in ERC has not been resolved yet.

10:32 AM (September 19): Blake is now working.  Unregistered users in ERC are having problems – we are looking into the problem.

8:30 AM (September 19): Coast is now working.

7 :19 AM (September 19): Getting closer, but still seeing some problems.

8:32 PM: We are still trying to get the networks in Blake and Coast working – thanks again for your patience.

4:44 PM: The registration/connection problems affecting all of ResNet have been fixed, but Blake Hall and Coast 9366, 9369, 9383, 9388 and 9393 are still without connectivity. The problem affecting these remaining areas has been identified and our network engineers are working on solving it as quickly as possible.

9:44 AM: Various parts of ResNet are starting to work. If you are having problems either registering or connecting, try rebooting your computer. Each area should be working within the next 3 hours. Our apologies for this inconvenience. If you are still having problems after 12 noon, please contact us (resnet.ucsd.edu/858-534-3227).

9 AM: There is currently no connectivity on ResNet. The problem is being investigated and will be resolved as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.


ResNet Maintenance – Thursday, September 18th

Tomorrow morning, to make some improvements before the majority of students arrive, we will be doing some maintenance on ResNet. The work will start at 5 AM and should be completed by 9 AM.

You may lose your connection for a few minutes, but it should not last longer than that. Some modems may need to be power-cycled (unplugged for 2 minutes, then plugged back in) to come back online. Most connectivity issues will be resolved by simply re-booting your computer.

If you are experiencing any problems, especially after rebooting, please contact our Help Desk (resnet@ucsd.edu or 858-534-3227).

Fall Network Registration

If you recently lost your connection to the Internet, please re-register your connection by clicking “Register Connection” above.  Those who have registered since Friday, August 29, 2008 should experience no loss of connection to the Internet.

You need to register from your on-campus residence. You will need to register BOTH your wired AND wireless connections separately. The registration process will include a security scan of your computer to make sure that it is protected from the most common Internet viruses.

Network devices that we helped you register (access points, game consoles, etc) before July 1st, 2008 will need to be re-registered with us.

For any questions or concerns, please contact ResNet.