Network Upgrade in Muir Tenaya and Apartments

Tenaya Hall and Apartments in Muir College have undergone network upgrades during the summer. If you live in a single room in Tenaya, to connect to the network, use Port A. Those in doubles should use Port A and Port B. Port C will be added for triples. Students who live in Muir Apartments should use the ports labeled with even numbers.

In addition, Tenaya and Muir Apartments will have wireless internet available. However, students should not expect wireless to work in their rooms. The wireless internet is only designed to work in common areas.

If you decide to use the wireless in addition to wired connection, you will have to register your connection twice. Make sure that when registering your wired connection, your wireless is switched off. If you are registering your wireless connection, register in the common area while disconnected from a wired connection.