URGENT: Storm Worm Bot/Virus

There is a particularly nasty bot/virus spreading rapidly through the Internet called (among other things) Storm Worm. Thousands of computers have already been identified through Tritonlink as infected. This bot/virus is getting spread through links in a variety of emails. You might recognize the email as an “e-greeting card” (from someone you don’t know), an invitation to see video or login information for a service you’ve never signed up for. If you clicked on the link provided in any of those emails, your computer may be infected.

In most cases, the only noticeable symptom of this bot/virus is your machine running slower. Updated antivirus software is detecting and removing some variations of Storm Worm. The latest Microsoft Update has also helped identify and remove some versions of Storm Worm. If you think you may be infected, go to http://tritonlink.ucsd.edu, adn log in to one of the tools on the left-hand menu. If you get re-directed to the “Storm Worm Alert” page, there is a good chance your computer is infected. Visit the Storm Worm site for more information and to make sure your computer is secure before connecting to the UC San Diego network.

Please be advised that if you bring an infected machine to campus, your connection will be blocked until your computer is cleaned. ResNet will have technicians in the common area of your college during Move In Weekend and Welcome Week. Keep in mind that this is a very busy time, though, and you may need to wait, especially if there are a lot of infected computers.